05 eDrums - A total replacement? Interview With Jon Atkinson

Jon Atkinson is one of the busiest drummers I know. He is also proof that you don't need to be in the public eye to  be very successful and continuously in demand in this (seemingly) social media led industry. We first met many years ago and right from day one I realised that here was a drummer who was as completely comfortable behind a vintage acoustic kit as he was behind the most cutting edge electronic instrument or device. 

Time Line - Part 1

01.45 - How Jon got into electronics in the first place

05.00 - How Jon got involved with Sir George Martin

07.45 - Jon describes his first click programming session for Sir George Martin and Phil Collins

08.30 - Jon talks about his sample library and the Bombay Dreams West End show

16.45 - Jon describes how Superior Drummer 2.0 can fool the best ears in the business

24.39 - Why feel is so important and analogue is so good

30.30 - Jon talks through his Howard Jones set up

Time Line - Part 2

00.25 - Jon's biggest problem with most modern gear

05.15 - What sound engineers really want

06.20 - Why most 'pro' gear isn't pro

10.40 - Why older gear can often be better, and why you shouldn't use your Mac in really high temperatures

14.10 - Why hardware is often better than software

22.00 - Jon explains his Kim Wilde set up using Ableton

23.08 - Find out what Jon thinks the biggest problem is for electronic drummers

35.00 - Why the ddrum 4 is Jon's 'get out of jail' kit