10 Rikk Currence from Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3

In this podcast, you'll discover;

1. How Rikk got involved with Toontrack

2.How the gear selection was made for Superior 3, how the sessions were recorded and by whom, and just how long it took to edit all those samples.

3. How the world's music press were presented with Superior 3, and how no one could pick EZdrummer 2 over a real drummer at the press launch!

I had a great chat with Rikk from Toontrack soon after Superior Drummer 3 was released to find out exactly what goes into making and releasing a product like Superior Drummer or EZdrummer 2.0. 

Rikk is a very funny guy, and as I mention in the intro, most of the editing was removing my own laughter from behind Rikk talking. 

It's a fascinating look at how much effort goes into producing a product like Superior. I appreciated that it would take some time, but the actual figures are mind-blowing - I'll leave it to Rikk to tell you how long we are actually talking.

Thank you to Toontrack for setting this up.