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Simon is one of those rare breeds of drummers who have real world experience of using
electronic drums in a variety of settings, coupled with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of products from all the major (and minor) e-drum manufacturers. His wealth of understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the products available on the market has been a huge help to me over the years, both in developing and evolving various e-drum rigs, but more importantly helping to troubleshoot when problems arise. For those of us who rely heavily on electronics, having Simon’s expertise as a resource to help ensure our rigs function at the highest level is an absolute godsend.
— JONATHAN ATKINSON | Howard Jones, Kim Wilde, West End, Sir George Martin

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I honestly believe there is no one working in the industry today who knows more about the world of electronic instruments and electronic music than Simon.
I’ve called him from pretty much everywhere in the world at all times of the day and night and I’m yet to hear the three dreaded words-‘I don’t know’. If I ever do, though, I’ll know it’s because it can’t be done and the manufacturers haven’t figured it out yet. Everyone needs to listen to Simon Edgoose
— Tom Meadows | Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Duffy, Girls Aloud


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Simon is an extremely knowledgeable guy in the realm of electronic drums and has always been up to speed on new developments with the technology. He’s a great source of information on how best to approach using this kind of gear so whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your use of electronics, you can’t go wrong checking out what he’s got to offer.”
— Andrew Small | Massive Attack, Il Divo, Kylie


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With Skunk Anansie I use various electronics and Simon has not only given me one to one tuition on how to use a variety of different platforms but also been on the end of the phone to troubleshoot on the odd occasion I have needed to call. Simon is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to technical expertise and delivers it with a calm, patient demeanor and user-friendly vocabulary.
— Mark Richardson | Skunk Anansie, Feeder, Amy Macdonald



                        Simon uses the following brands...

I have known Simon Edgoose for more years than I can remember and in that time he has, on many occasions enlightened me on various musical topics. His speciality is within electronic drums and drumming and to this day I consider him to be my first call guy should I ever need help. He’s also a really nice bloke and an excellent drummer too.

Simon Hanson
Squeeze, Glen Tilbrook, Death In Vegas


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                         Alex uses the following brands...

“I’m so pleased Simon is providing this service. His knowledge of electronic drums is second to none and has helped me out of sticky situations many times. Couldn’t recommend him more highly!”

Alex Toff - Imogen Heap, Martha Wainwright, AT Drums



                       Cherisse uses the following brands...

‘I have known Simon for many years and he has been my go to industry guy for help with my electronics. When it comes to the world of electronic drums, his knowledge and wealth of experience makes him a rare gem. He has helped me facilitate my ideas and make sure my rig is working at the highest level. On certain gigs I rely heavily on Ableton, and his knowledge and expertise in this area has been second to none. I’ve called him whilst on tour day and night from everywhere in the world and he has got me out of some tricky situations! On top of all this he is a lovely bloke and I can’t recommend him highly enough :)’

Cherisse Ofosu-Osei - Simple Minds, Bryan Ferry, Mika, The Faders


With increasing need for me to embrace electronics and use of samplers in my live set-up, Simon helped me to get to grips with technical challenges - in ways even I can understand!

As a top player himself, he gets that drummers first and foremost want to make music, quickly and easily, and with each pretty unique challenge I presented, he just came back with straightforward and more cost-effective solutions than any retailer would have suggested. I’ve gotta say that working with Simon has genuinely opened up big opportunities for me as a player, and he’s gotten me excited about electronics! Only through his ideas/knowledge/determination was I able to take my own electronic project on the road this year. Completely recommended to any drummer serious about using electronics - you won’t regret!

Tim Heymerdinger - Ghosts In Daylight, The Little Unsaid


I’ve known Simon for many years now and he continues to be my go to expert for everything electronic percussion based and beyond

Oli Bell - sound designer, The Groove Criminals